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A Musical Journey Through Dallas/Fort Worth

Take a tour through the unknown and unsung heroes of music and discover how Dallas influenced them and the songs they left behind. Featuring musical trivia from the past and present, you will gain inspiration while supporting the local music scene.

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Passionate Explorer

Founder Kena, Creative Percussion Artist and performer in Goisagi, explored Dallas/Fort Worth for years as a freelance writer, highlighting events and activities to share with locals and travelers alike. As a percussionist, she was called to experience live Dallas music and venues. She noticed that Dallas has played a bigger role in music history than is advertised and wanted to draw the spotlight to the Big D and support local musicians at the same time. That was the genesis of 3 Chord Tour. Pairing up with rockers, singers, strummers and everyone in between, she mapped out the beat of this city's heart and is ready to share it with the crowd. 

Support the local music scene by touring with our local music guides for all the newest scoop!

Don't wait for the encore, get front row seats on the 3 Chord Tour van and find out all the greatest hits of DFW. 

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Dallas/Fort Worth

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